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Flush switch micromodule

Keep your existing wall socket and control it remotely, with a remote control or a wireless switch.

Wireless lighting dimmer module

Control your lighting remotely and vary the brightness without rewiring

Electrical bypass - DiO

Lets you completely turn off any LED/ECO bulbs that flash, flicker or remain slightly lit

Keychain remote control

Light your lamps and close your shutters with your fingertips

16-channel DiO 1.0 remote control unit

A remote control that lets you control your whole house from the sofa.

On/off lamp holder

Control your appliances and light bulbs from your bed or sofa.

Mini indoor motion sensor

Automate your lighting and/or secure your home

On/Off lighting module & black switch

Now you can move a switch anywhere you want, without worrying about electrical cables, thanks to DiO technology.

Kit of 2 single wireless switches DIO 1.0

Add a switch wherever you want – no wiring necessary

On/off socket - DiO 2.0 - (SCH)

From your smartphone, control your lamps and electrical appliances.

3-channel DiO remote control + 1 group

Control your lamps, power-assisted systems or electrical devices anywhere in your home.

Set of 4 On/Off mini sockets and 2 remote control (SCH - Type F)

Control your lamps and electrical appliances from your sofa thanks to the remote control supplied.

Outdoor motion sensor

Easily install automatic lighting without wiring with this outdoor wireless sensor.