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€49.99 €24.99
Reel with fixed sockets - 25 m

Tinker to your heart's content with this fixed-socket reel.

Unearthed DIY reel - 8 m
Thanks to this reel, DIY and efficiency are one and the same.
Black spiral - 2.5 m
Tidy up your cables with this black spiral.
€69.99 €24.99
Professional reel - 25 m

Work outdoors as well as indoors safely.

Decorative semi-circular cable duct 30/15 mm - 2 m - White
Hide your cables carefully along the skirting boards or walls thanks to this decorative trunking.
€109.00 €79.99
Professional reel - 40 m
Work safely on the construction site or outdoors with this professional reel.
Cable reel 15 m - cassette
Shockproof, aesthetic and ergonomic, this reel will simplify your daily life.
€129.00 €89.99
Professional reel - 50 m

Professional quality, for quality work in complete safety.

Garden reel 25 m (SCH)
Bring a power supply into your garden in a few minutes.
Spiral clip - White
Camouflage all your cables inside this spiral clip.
Power strip + USB - 1.5 m
With this stylish and functional power strip, connect your electrical appliances and lights, while charging your smartphones and tablets directly via USB cable.