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Reel with fixed sockets - 25 m
Tinker to your heart's content with this fixed-socket reel.
Professional reel - 25 m
Work outdoors as well as indoors safely.
Professional reel - 40 m
Work safely on the construction site or outdoors with this professional reel.
Professional reel - 50 m
Professional quality, for quality work in complete safety.
Professional reel - 25 m
Work safely and with peace of mind, thanks to this professional quality reel.
Professional reel - 40 m
Use professional equipment, for an optimal quality of work.
Worksite reel - 25 m
Treat yourself to professional-quality equipment, to work in complete safety.
Worksite reel - 40 m
Make your work easier with this professional reel.
Reel with fixed sockets - 25 m
Put an end to tangled cables with this board; your cables will wind up easily on themselves.
Cable reel, 40 m - cassette
With this reel, you can connect one or more electrical appliances at the same time.