Two-way kit (receiver + transmitter micromodules)


Including €0.12 for ecotax

Add a switch and easily create a two-way system based on your existing installation – no wiring necessary, keep the same design.
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  • 54738
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- Transmission range: 50 m
- Channels: micromodule (1 channel), transmitter (2 channels)
- Power supply: 230 V 50 Hz
- Power: Max. 250 W
- Dimensions: 47 x 47 x 20
- Contents: On/Off micromodule, transmitter, manual

Quick installation

Based on your existing installation, create a two-way system without pulling additional electrical cables and without changing your interior design.

These modules are hidden behind the switches. Simply add an extra switch (transmitter) wherever you want and you can control your luminaires with a simple click.

Personalise your home automation installation

They are 100% compatible with the entire DiO range, so you can build your own system and, above all, upgrade it according to your needs!