Secure payment

What is Hipay?

Hipay are experts in online payments. The payment solutions on offer are framed by two certifications:

  • Certification of payment institution issued by ACPR (Prudential Control and Resolution Authority)
  • Certification of Electronic Money Issuer issued by BNB-NBB (National Bank of Belgium)

Hipay FullService includes the following transaction activities:

  • a platform for processing bank transactions (HipayTPP); and
  • an e-wallet (Hipay Wallet).

Collaboration with Hipay allows all purchases made by our customers to be secure. It's a European electronic platform that meets electronic payment requirements and secure, cross-border, online trading.
Through Hipay FullService, we have all the payment solutions most used in Europe and worldwide at our disposal, in an ergonomic environment, meaning we can offer our customers a wide choice of payment methods.

The Hipay Wallet payment solution is published by Hi-Media Porte-Monnaie Electronique (HPME), a company under Belgian law, whose registered office is located in Brussels. HPME holds approval issued by BNB-NBB (National Bank of Belgium) and provides one of the most innovative e-wallets, in particular its “one click” payment.

How Hipay secure payment works

The Hipay TPP payment solution ensures secure payment responding to today's most demanding standards. You can pay for your purchases on our website safely. Immediately after providing your delivery details, you will be redirected to the secure Hipay servers where you can fill out your payment details securely. Once the payment is made, you will be redirected to a confirmation page on our website.

The Hipay payment platform is provided with an efficient anti-fraud control system called Hipay FPS (Fraud Protection System).

On the other hand, paying with Hipay Wallet allows the electronic purse to be topped up in different ways: by credit card, cash. The account shows a credit for the amount deposited (no usage delay or expiration) and it is recoverable at any time. In addition, the sums can be used for carrying out transactions (transfers or purchases) with all Hipay Wallet partners.

We would like to remind you that Hipay ensures the transfer of your financial data and therefore does not support disputes linked to orders. In the event of disputes, you must send your requests directly to us and/or your bank.

What is SSL encryption?

Our service guarantees you a simple, flexible and secure online buying process that uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for your banking transactions. When the SSL is enabled, you will notice a padlock at the level of the address bar in your web browser and/or the beginning of the URL of the secure page begins with "https" and not "http".