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Wireless GSM/SMS alarm system

Secure your home with ease, wherever you are, via your smartphone.

Wireless local alarm system

Protect your house in no time at all thanks to this quality alarm system with its sleek and elegant design.

Outdoor wireless siren

Secure your home and be alerted remotely in the event of an intrusion into your home/business.

Indoor siren with flash - Wireless

Keep your home, office or business safe from intrusions.

Set of two RFID badges
Disarm your alarm quickly and easily with these badges.
Two-way RFID/NFC keyboard + badges

Enhance the security of your home, office or business against theft and be immediately warned.

Panic button

Send a distress signal in one second with this panic button.

Vibration detector - Wireless

Keep your home, office or other premises secure against theft, and receive remote notification of any intrusion.