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Plug-in night light - white

Little plug-in night light to reassure your children at night.

Automatic LED night light with sensor - Flame

Turns on and off automatically using its photoelectric sensor, depending on the brightness of the room.

Plug-in LED night light - White

Reassure your children with this standalone night light.

Mini night light with twilight detection

Ideal in a child's room, a night hall, a bedroom, a living room, a...

Plug-in night light

Automatically adapts to the brightness of the room and emits a soft light to reassure your children at night.

LED night light with motion sensor

A night light which automatically emits a soft light whenever it detects the slightest movement, to reassure your children at night.

USB Nightlight

Ideal for children's rooms, living rooms, hotels, offices, ...

Night light - alarm clock

Discover our night light - multifunctional alarm clock, ideal for the kitchen, bedroom or hallway.

Round night light with motion detection

Ideal for use in a room, a corridor, a hotel, an office ...