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Outdoor motion sensor

Easily install automatic lighting without wiring with this outdoor wireless sensor.

Wireless Switch Module On/Off

Create a two-way switch quickly, without pulling any cables

White E27 LED bulb - Bluetooth

Vary the brightness of your lighting according to your needs thanks to your smartphone and a Bluetooth connection.

Door/window opening detector

Combine this opening sensor with a DiO 2.0 module, so that your light turns on automatically as soon as you open the door.

Electric strike module 12/24 V

Open your electric strike remotely with a remote control

Switch module and three-channel remote control

Create a two-way with a remote control with this module placed behind your existing wall switch.

Set of 2 connected LED bulbs and remote control

Control your lighting as you wish, remotely, using a remote control, your smartphone, or voice control

Set of 3 mini outside sockets + remote control (SCH)

Control your garden remotely from your deck chair using the remote control provided. 

E14 LED colour bulb - Bluetooth Mesh

A controllable bulb with smartphone, which brings you light and warmth at the times you want.