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Fabric cable - 3 m - Red/White

Bring originality to your pendant light fixtures with a two-tone fabric cable.

Fabric cable - 3 m - Pink

Add a feminine touch to your pendant light with a fabric cable all dressed in pink.

Fabric cable 3 m - Red

Add a vintage and colourful touch to your custom pendant lights.

Grey sparkle silk fabric cable, 3 m

A very subtle way to add some glitter to your life and your interior decor.

Silk fabric cable - 3 m - Black sparkle

Black sparkle, the perfect textile cable for a touch of madness while remaining elegant.

Fabric cable 3 m - Peacock blue

Add a touch of colour to your light suspension, while remaining understated and elegant, thanks to this peacock blue textile cable.

Silk fabric cable - 3 m - Silver

Bring brightness to your pendant light, even when it is off.

Silk fabric cable - 3 m - Brown sparkle

Brown glitter, a touch of madness and modernity, the perfect combination for an elegant textile cable.

Silk fabric cable - 3 m - Gold

The extraordinary brightness and unique style of the gold textile cable will bring the right elegance to your pendant light.

Silk fabric cable - 3 m - Blue

Renew your lampshades and turn them into designer lamps.

Grey fabric cable 3 m

Create a suspension with a clean and understated design thanks to this grey textile cable.

Silk fabric cable - 3 m - Sky blue

Modern and elegant, the sky blue fabric cable will bring the little extra that your pendant light has been missing.

Silk fabric cable - 3 m - Orange

Personalise your lighting with an orange silk fabric cable!

Silk fabric cable - 3 m - White/Red

Opt for a two-tone fabric cable for even more originality in your lighting suspension.

Yellow and white zigzag fabric cable, 3 m

This beautiful yellow and white lamp cord will fit in perfectly with your interior decor. A touch of colour with subtlety.

Zigzag silk fabric cable - 3 m - Black/White

Both classic in its colours and original in its two-tone appearance, this fabric cable will highlight your pendant light fixture, as well as your interior decoration.

Zigzag silk fabric cable - 3 m - Blue/White

This nautical-style textile cable will perfectly match the pendant light in your bathroom, living room or bedroom.

Twisted silk fabric cable - 3 m - White

Ideal for lighting projects with a modern and elegant look, our silk-effect cables will add colour to your light fittings.