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Textile two-tone cable 3 m - Black/White
Add a touch of originality to your custom hanging light system with this two-tone black and white cable.
Black fabric cable - 5 m
Add a touch of elegance to your decoration with a hanging lamp 100% imagined by you.
Fabric cable 5 m - White
Ideal for bringing light into a darker room.
Fabric cable - 3 m - Red/White
Bring originality to your pendant light fixtures with a two-tone fabric cable.
Fabric cable 3 m - White
Add a vintage touch to your personalised pendant lights.
Fabric cable - 3 m - Pink
Add a feminine touch to your pendant light with a fabric cable all dressed in pink.
Grey fabric cable 3 m
Create a suspension with a clean and understated design thanks to this grey textile cable.
Fabric cable 3 m - Peacock blue
Add a touch of colour to your light suspension, while remaining understated and elegant, thanks to this peacock blue textile cable.
Black fabric cable - 3 m
Be modern by adding a vintage touch to your pendant lights.
3 m twisted fabric cable - Gold
Add a golden touch to your custom pendant lights with this twisted fabric cable.
Twisted fabric cable, 3 m - Black
Add a touch of originality to your pendant light, while remaining elegant, with this fabric cable with switch.
Twisted fabric cable 3 m - Brown
Create a vintage look with this brown twisted fabric cable.