Wireless lighting dimmer module

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Control your lighting remotely and vary the brightness without rewiring

  • 54524
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  • 54524
 In stock

Create a dimmable lighting without rewiring your home.

- Vary the brightness of your lighting according to your needs
- Control remotely with the DiO 1.0 control of your choice: remote control, wireless switch, smartphone
- Create timers
- Create program life scenarios using your smartphone and our detectors (via the DiO home automation unit)
- Control with your voice with Amazon Echo and Google Home (via the DiO Home+ home automation unit)

Use Indoor only
Power (W) 200W
Watts 24W
Wireless protocol DiO 1.0
Radio frequency 433,92 MHz by DiO
Transmission range 50m
Max. number of accessories 6
Smartphone control Yes
Bulbs compatibility Incandescent, Halogen, LED, ECO
Content 1 On/Off flush-mounted micromodule compatible with incandescent and halogen bulbs 25-250W and LED saving bulb 3-24W + 1 remote control 3 channels with group function

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Quick and easy installation

This module easily connects between the electrical panel and one or more lamps in just a few minutes. Once it's installed, you will be able to vary the brightness in your living room or bedroom without moving.

An environment to suit your tastes

Control the intensity of your lights remotely with a wireless switch, a remote control, or your smartphone.

And if you're the kind of person who loses your remote every two minutes, you can control your lighting with your voice using Amazon Echo and Google Home speakers (requires DiO Home+ home automation system)