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On/Off module to control the wireless lighting
Make a simple light bulb a connected light bulb without pulling any extra cables.
Lighting module and three-channel remote control
Create a two-way with a remote control with this module placed behind your existing wall switch.
Wireless lighting dimmer module

Control your lighting remotely and vary the brightness without rewiring

On/Off lighting micromodule
Create a two-way switch quickly, without pulling any cables
On/Off lighting module & switch

Now you can move a switch anywhere you want, without worrying about electrical cables, thanks to DiO technology.

Flush switch micromodule
Keep your existing wall socket and control it remotely, with a remote control or a wireless switch.
Two-way kit (receiver + transmitter micromodules)
Add a switch and easily create a two-way system based on your existing installation – no wiring necessary, keep the same design.
Electrical bypass - DiO
Lets you completely turn off any LED/ECO bulbs that flash, flicker or remain slightly lit
Three-channel on/off module with sealed unit
Easily control the various lamps in your garden or extension with this wireless 1 input / 3 output module.