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Keychain remote control

Light your lamps and close your shutters with your fingertips

DIO 2.0 wireless smiley button

Wireless, it will be perfect in a child's room.

Programmable 12-channel remote control
Remotely control and program the activation times of your DiO accessories
Dimmable DiO connected LED bulb
Control your lighting as you wish, remotely, using a remote control, your smartphone, or voice control
Darkness sensor with timer
Turn your lamps on automatically or automatically lower your shutters at nightfall.
Door/window opening detector
Combine this opening sensor with a DiO 2.0 module, so that your light turns on automatically as soon as you open the door.
LiteBox KIT
Control and program your lamps and electrical appliances remotely with the remote control or your smartphone without an internet connection.
Bluetooth converter - LiteBox
Program the lighting of your lamps and/or the opening and closing of your shutters using your smartphone without any internet connection.