Connected lighting pack (HOMEBOX + mini-modules with feedback)
  • Connected lighting pack (HOMEBOX + mini-modules with feedback)
  • Connected lighting pack (HOMEBOX + mini-modules with feedback)
  • Connected lighting pack (HOMEBOX + mini-modules with feedback)
  • Connected lighting pack (HOMEBOX + mini-modules with feedback)
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Connected lighting pack (HOMEBOX + 3 mini-modules with feedback)

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Control your lighting using your smartphone from anywhere

  • ED-GW-08
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  • ED-GW-08
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Control your lighting with a single click on your smartphone and at home.

In short:
- Control the lighting individually or centrally
- Manage the lighting according to timer programming or the creation of personalised moods (home cinema, romantic evening, etc.)
- View remotely, via status feedback, if your lighting is on or off.
- Mini-module easy to install on your lamp or behind your switch (requires a neutral)
- Contents: One DiO HomeBox, two light mini-modules with status feedback, mounting and connection accessories
- Installation accessible to all: connect the light mini-modules with status feedback to the lights or behind the existing switch and connect them to your DiO HomeBox via

Warranty 2 years
Use Indoor only
Degree of protection IP20
Color White
Power (W) 2300W
Ampereage (A) 10A
Type of solution Kit / Solution complète
Type of control On/Off
Wireless protocol DiO 1.0 + DiO 2.0
Radio frequency 433,92+868 MHz
Transmission range
Smartphone control Yes
Return of status Yes
Content 1 DiO HomeBox, 2 light modules with status feedback, mounting and connection accessories

Manuels d'utilisation

The benefits of wireless lighting

In just a few minutes, you can control your lights remotely with no wiring necessary. Using this simple module to connect to each lamp, manage your lamps with a wireless switch, a remote control, or your smartphone (through the HomeBox) either individually or centrally for even greater comfort.

In addition, intelligent control of your lighting lets you adapt your lighting to your lifestyle, for example by turning off all your lights with a single gesture when going to sleep or leaving the house.

As well as improved day-to-day comfort, you also save a significant amount of energy, by not leaving some of your house lights on unnecessarily, and keep your home secure by simulating someone being there when you are on holiday.

Finally, using the HomeBox and the smartphone, tablet or PC application, you can check if your lights are on or off and control them from wherever you are, at any time.

Quick and easy installation

Positioning your lighting module is extremely simple.

You just have to connect each lamp that you want to control to a module, switch on to connect it to your chosen DiO 2.0 device - wireless switch, remote control or even through your smartphone through the HomeBox - that’s all there is to it.

A scalable solution

A scalable solution

Lighting to suit your habits

To make life easier and more comfortable, you can also create several custom scenarios.

For example, by simply clicking on a DiO wireless switch, you can turn off all the lights on one floor or the whole house, and with additional modules you can even close your roller shutters as well.