Module for remotely controlled gate or garage door


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Open your gate, electric bolt, or garage door with a DiO remote control
  • 54552
  • 54552

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Controls the opening and closing of any pulse contact automation such as a garage door, motorised gate or electric bolt.

In short:
- The DiO 1.0 dry contact module can be controlled with all DiO 1.0 controls (remote control, wireless switch, or smartphone via the DiO Home+ home automation unit).
- Install up to six control points per module.
- Up to 50 m range between the module and the DiO 1.0 remote control
- 230-V power supply.
- Connect the module directly to the motor of the automatic device.
- Contents: One dry contact module
Garantie 2 ans
Puissance (W) 500W
Branchement Sans fil
Fréquence radio 433,92 MHz
Indice de protection IP20
Utilisation Intérieure uniquement
Distance de transmission 50m
Pilotable via smartphone Non
Nombre max. d'accessoires 6
Protocole radio DiO 1.0
Nombre d'émetteurs max. 6
Retour d'état Non
Type de solution Récepteur

Integrate your doors/windows into your DiO ecosystem

Open from the other side of the world

Open from the other side of the world

User manuals

  • 54552 user manual fr-nl-es-pt vecto (v2.0 160915).pdf Download