Connected roller shutter pack (HomeBox + 2 shutter modules)


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Automate and control your roller shutters using your smartphone
  • ED-GW-04
  • ED-GW-04
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Wherever you may be, centralise the opening and closing of your shutters with a single click.

In short:
- Control roller shutters individually or centrally.
- Program the opening and/or closing of your roller shutters.
- View remotely, via status feedback, if your shutter is open or closed.
- Installation accessible to all: connect the modules to your electric roller shutters and connect them to the DiO HomeBox.
- Contents: One DiO HomeBox, two modules for roller shutters, mounting and connection accessories

Manuels d'utilisation

Operational in just a few minutes:

It just takes a few minutes to install your DiO solution to control your roller shutters.

Here you can see a preview of how quick and easy it is to install your DiO roller shutter solution, from connecting the peripherals to using it via smartphone, and including installation on the interface: