Mechanical ON/OFF switch - White

For even more comfort, add this mechanical On-Off switch to your custom fixture.

Power strip 3 x 16 A - 1.5 m - Black

Easily obtain more sockets with this power strip.

Set of 3 outside mini sockets + remote control

Control your outdoor electrical devices remotely using the remote control provided. 

White terminal block with switch- 2 x 16 A

For even more connected luminaires and electrical appliances.

Mini indoor motion sensor

Automate your lighting and/or secure your home

Indoor Wi-Fi HD camera with sound detection - 1280 x 1080 p

Keep an eye on your home and family, and get immediate notification on your smartphone if there is any noise.

Magnetic round LED

Light up dark and inaccessible areas: kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, walk-in closets, access to the cellar, the garage, or even above work surfaces.

Dimmable DiO connected LED bulb

Control your lighting as you wish, remotely, using a remote control, your smartphone, or voice control

1- to 5-channel wireless switch base - White
Add a stylish wireless switch anywhere you like to remotely control your electrical appliances and lighting fixtures. You must add a switchplate to this base.
Black power strip with switch - 4 x 16 A - 1.5 m

Don't leave your devices on standby; turn them off completely in no time at all.

2-m colour LED ribbon - Bluetooth

Enhance your interior decoration with this expandable coloured LED ribbon that can be controlled with your smartphone.

Ceiling rose - concrete

Add elegance to your trim, hiding the wires that protrude from your pendant light, thanks to this concrete ceiling rose.

DiO 1.0 On/Off nano socket

A plug in a socket that allows you to control your lamps and electrical appliances remotely.