On/Off module to control the wireless lighting

Make a simple light bulb a connected light bulb without pulling any extra cables.

Waterproof mechanical timer - FR socket

Save energy and money by switching your electrical garden devices off automatically.

GU10 LED colour bulb - Bluetooth Mesh

A smartphone, an application, a Bluetooth connection, and that's all you need. You will be able to control your luminaire, its colour and its brightness.

E27 silicone lamp holder - black

Upgrade your fixtures with this black silicone lamp holder.

Set of 3 on/off sockets and 3-channel remote control - DiO 1.0

Acting as an adapter, this socket lets you control your lamps and other electrical devices remotely.

DiO 1.0 wireless switch

Add a switch wherever you want – no wiring necessary

Wireless module for roller shutter

Remotely control, program, and centralise the opening and closing of your roller shutters using your smartphone.

On/Off lighting module & switch

Now you can move a switch anywhere you want, without worrying about electrical cables, thanks to DiO technology.

Plug-in night light - white

Little plug-in night light to reassure your children at night.

DiO Home+ home automation unit

Control your whole house using your smartphone or with voice control

Extension lead - White - 1.5 m

Easily extend the cable length of your electrical appliances without effort.

E14 LED colour bulb - Bluetooth Mesh

A controllable bulb with smartphone, which brings you light and warmth at the times you want.

Black metal ceiling rose

Modernise your lighting with this black metal ceiling rose.