Waterproof mechanical timer - FR socket
Save energy and money by switching your electrical garden devices off automatically.
On/Off module to control the wireless lighting
Make a simple light bulb a connected light bulb without pulling any extra cables.
E27 silicone lamp holder - black
Upgrade your fixtures with this black silicone lamp holder.
White mechanical timer - FR plug
Save energy and money by switching your devices off automatically.
Digital timer - FR socket
Save energy and money by automatically turning off your devices rather than leaving them on standby when they are not being used.
DiO 1.0 wireless switch
Add a switch wherever you want – no wiring necessary
On/Off lighting module & switch

Now you can move a switch anywhere you want, without worrying about electrical cables, thanks to DiO technology.

€10.99 €9.99
Electronic transformer 230 V/12 V (105 W)

Avoid the risk of overheating your lights with this transformer.

Plug-in night light - white
Little plug-in night light to reassure your children at night.
Mechanical ON/OFF switch
Create your own light fitting using the mechanical On/Off switch, for a designer result suitable for any space.