White mechanical timer - FR plug

Save energy and money by switching your devices off automatically.

Stylish power strip 3 x 16 A with switch and flat plug - 1.5 m - Black

Practical and functional: thanks to its flat plug, you can easily place it behind a piece of furniture .

Wireless lighting dimmer module

Control your lighting remotely and vary the brightness without rewiring

Power strip with double switch 12 x 16 A - 1.5 m - Black

Connect all of your electrical appliances and lights together on one socket with this large-capacity power strip.

Three-channel on/off module with sealed unit

Easily control the various lamps in your garden or extension with this wireless 1 input / 3 output module.

Set of one E27 Bluetooth Mesh LED bulb and remote control

Make your interior decoration stand out by changing the colour of your light using your smartphone or the remote control provided.

Door/window opening detector

Be alerted immediately at the slightest door or window opening.

Flush switch micromodule

Keep your existing wall socket and control it remotely, with a remote control or a wireless switch.

Programmable 16-channel remote control

Remotely control and program the activation times of your DiO accessories

Keychain remote control

Light your lamps and close your shutters with your fingertips

E27 colour LED bulb with integrated Bluetooth speaker

A multifunctional light bulb that not only lights up your home, but also brightens it up with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, making it a joy to sing along to.

Set of 4 On/Off remote-controlled sockets + remote control

From your bed or sofa, turn your lights and electrical appliances on or off with the remote control.

16-channel DiO 1.0 remote control unit

A remote control that lets you control your whole house from the sofa.

1-m Colour LED extension ribbon - Bluetooth

Bring colour to your home with this expandable coloured LED ribbon that can be controlled with your smartphone. Requires the original ribbon (part number: SSL-C362-C)