650 consumption meter with remote screen (FR)

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Save money quickly and easily with this consumption meter.

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  • 54365
 In stock

Save energy and money by getting a better understanding of your energy expenditure with this meter.

- Displays power (watts), consumption (kWh), voltage (volts), current (amp), and cost on separate and total rates.
- Customisable peak/off-peak rate
- 1.20 m cable
- Max. power: 3500 W

Warranty 2 years
Use Indoor only
Color White
Type of plug FR
Power (W) 3500W
Ampereage (A) 16A

Manuels d'utilisation

Save energy and money

This device can give you the cost of consumption and the total CO2 emission on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. You will then be able to know the evolution and the peaks of consumption during these periods in order to adapt at best your energy consumption and thus, to decrease your energy expenses. 

You may be surprised to see that some appliances can be more energy consuming than others. The size has nothing to do with it, even the smallest one, like a connected speaker can consume more than a fridge.

Remote screen

The advantage of a remote screen is not negligible, because the display is not at the plug but on a screen. The analysis is better and more understandable, thanks to a better visibility. 

Thanks to this device, you can therefore ask yourself questions about the standby consumption of devices and whether it is useful to turn them off or not, as some may consume more during their restart.