White mechanical timer - FR plug


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Save energy and money by switching your devices off automatically.

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  • 54010
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Save considerable energy and money with this mechanical timer.

- The operating hours can easily be selected by depressing the sliders.
- An override switch on the side activates the timer.
- 1 to 24 on-off cycles per day/min. 30 minutes per cycle
- Max. power: 3500 W
- Indoor use
- 30-minute segment

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Reduce your costs

This simple timer plug connected to your electrical appliances and/or lighting fixtures allows you to save considerable money and energy. Lights for aquariums, coffee makers, lamps, heaters, night lights in your children's room, Christmas tree lighting or simply your television.

Using the scroll wheel and the buttons, you can choose the time or delay before switching your device off or on. A moment that could be magical, for example for a birthday party for your darling or child. At cake time, all the lights would come on at the same time. A moment that no one will forget and that will remain engraved in everyone's memory.

Improve security

Via the wheel, you can choose the time at which your appliances and lights are switched on and off. In addition to the cost savings that the scheduler brings you, you can also create a presence simulation during your absences. So that when you're on vacation, your lights will turn on and off at specific times. An easy way to increase security when you're not around.