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  • Warranty: 2 years
16-channel DiO 1.0 remote control unit

A remote control that lets you control your whole house from the sofa.

Extension lead - White - 2.5 m
Go even further with your electrical appliances and lights, with this extension.
Digital thermostat

Improve your comfort and save money at the same time, thanks to this digital thermostat.

Cable reel 4 m - cassette

Work anywhere, alone or in groups with this winder cassette.

White fabric cable + switch, 2 m

Textile cables with switch. For even more savings!

Motion sensor with switch

Activate or deactivate your motion detector as you wish using the integrated switch.

Dimmable DiO connected LED bulb
Control your lighting as you wish, remotely, using a remote control, your smartphone, or voice control
Wireless GSM/SMS alarm system

Secure your home with ease, wherever you are, via your smartphone.

Wired doorbell with pushbutton - White

With this wired chime, replace your old installation quickly and easily.

On/off lamp holder

Control your appliances and light bulbs from your bed or sofa.

Digital timer with large LCD

Make your home secure with a simulated presence by automatically switching devices on and off at scheduled times.

DiO Home+ home automation unit

Control your whole house using your smartphone or with voice control