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  • Warranty: 2 years
Night light - alarm clock

Discover our night light - multifunctional alarm clock, ideal for the kitchen, bedroom or hallway.

360° ceiling-mounted motion sensor

Be immediately illuminated as soon as you pass through the corridor.

Cable reel 4 m - cassette

Work anywhere, alone or in groups with this winder cassette.

2 wireless HD cameras with screen

Monitor your home, business or office with this kit with screen and wireless camera.

Rotating dummy camera with motion sensor and blue LED

A dummy camera that looks just like the real thing. Keep your home or business secure easily and at low cost.

DiO Home+ home automation unit

Control your whole house using your smartphone or with voice control

Black cable - 2 m

Revive your electronic devices by changing their damaged cords

Wi-Fi timer - On/Off (SCH)

Program your lighting and electrical appliances using your smartphone

Wireless DVR with 2 cameras

Monitor your home or business remotely with your smartphone.

Programmable 16-channel remote control

Remotely control and program the activation times of your DiO accessories

Extension lead - White - 2.5 m

Go even further with your electrical appliances and lights, with this extension.

Panic button

Send a distress signal in one second with this panic button.

Plug-in USB charger

Charge up to 4 devices at the same time directly from the same wall outlet.

Wireless DVR kit with 2 cameras

Monitor your house remotely with your smartphone

Fabric cable - 3 m - Red/White

Bring originality to your pendant light fixtures with a two-tone fabric cable.

Mini indoor motion sensor

Automate your lighting and/or secure your home

Wireless push button - DiO

Add a second push button without pulling an extra cable.

White cable - 2 m

Give a second life to your electronic devices by changing their cord.