Gas leak detector

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Secure your home against gas poisoning.

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- Voltage: AC 100V-220V/50-60HZ
- Power consumption: ≤4W
- Response time: ≤30s
- Sensor lifetime: 5 years
- Alarm mode: sound + light
- Sound level: ≥85dB/1m
- Product/sensor lifetime: 5 years (with LED indicator)

Warranty 2 years
Use Indoor only
Product lifetime 5 ans
Type of supply Plug
Test button Yes
Volume 85dB


Increase your security

Although the installation of a gas detector is not mandatory, it is recommended. It can save your life and the lives of those around you. By installing a gas detector, you can avoid the risk of poisoning or explosion. This device is recommended near your cooker, water heater and near any gas source...

Easy to install and use

Once plugged into a 100V to 220V outlet, the unit immediately goes into air analysis mode to check for sources of gases such as Propane, Methane (CH4) and Biogas. On the device, an LED indicator, as well as an 85dB sound signal warns you in case of presence of gas, so that you can start the first actions and call the help if needed.

The right reflexes to have in case of a gas leak alert 

  1. Do not touch electrical appliances or unplug them
  2. Do not smoke
  3. Turn off the gas supply
  4. Open windows to let the air circulate
  5. Evacuate the premises quickly and calmly
  6. Call for help from outside your home