Wireless alarm kit with voice warner

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Quickly and easily protect your home against theft.

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  • 34034
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This voice alarm has been designed to provide you with maximum protection, comfort and ease of use.

- Easy to install and use
- Can be switched on or off remotely via the controls or the voice alarm
- Possibility to personalise the alert with your voice
- 5 volume levels
- Frequency: 433MHz
- Motion detector:
       - Detection distance: 7m (free field)
       - Detection angle: 90°

Warranty 2 years
Use Indoor only
Color White
Connection Wireless
Type of supply Battery(s)
Battery 1 - Type CR2032 3V
Battery 1 - Number 3
Battery 1 - Provided Included
Battery 2 - Type AAA 1,5V
Battery 2 - Number 3
Battery 2 - Provided Not included
Type of detection Movement
Angle of detection 90°
Detecting distance 7m
Volume 80dB


Install in few minutes

Equipped with 433MHz radio frequency technology, this Chacon kit with voice warner is very easy to install, without pulling ull a cable. All devices communicate with each other wirelessly, giving you a transmission distance of 100m in open field conditions.

Personalize your wireless alarm

With the voice warner, you can easily customise your wireless alarm. There are several methods available; the classic way with an audible alarm by choosing between 32 existing melodies, or simply with your own voice. For example, when someone is detected or opens your door, the device will ring or launch the pre-recorded voice message to warn you.

Sleep on your two ears

Thanks to this wireless alarm kit with portable voice warner, you can take it with you wherever you go. On your garden, in the kitchen, next to your bed... In short, nothing will escape you any more. You will be immediately notified if someone tries to break in your home.