Roller shutter motor and remote control

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Motorise your roller shutters and control them remotely

  • MVR-60-10RF
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  • MVR-60-10RF
 In stock

Motorise your roller shutters easily and control them from your sofa or anywhere in your home via the radio module integrated in the motor.

Combine them with the LiteBox or the DiO Home+ unit to control your shutters via your smartphone, control your units centrally, program opening or closing times and create life scenarios.

Via the DiO Home+ unit, compatible with Google Home and Alexa, you can control your shutters with voice control.

Power (W) 115W
Ampereage (A) 0,55A
Connection Wireless
Type of supply Battery(s)
Battery 1 - Type Lithium CR2032
Battery 1 - Number 1
Battery 1 - Provided Included
Wireless protocol DiO 1.0
Radio frequency 433,92 MHz by DiO
Transmission range 50m
Number of channels 1
Tubular motor diameter 45mm
Tubular adapter diameter 60mm
Pair 10Nm

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Save time

Forget about the chore of opening your shutters manually one by one every morning!
Thanks to the motorisation of your roller shutters and the DiO wireless solution, you can open your shutters effortlessly, with your fingertips or the sound of your voice (using the DiO unit and an Amazon Echo or Google Home smart speaker).

Don't waste another second: centralise and automate the opening and closing of your shutters. For example, open all your shutters when you wake up without getting out of bed, or close the shutters facing the street when it gets dark.

Installation accessible to all

Install the tubular motor in your roller shutter housing and connect it to the power supply. Then simply press the ON button on the DiO 1.0 remote control supplied to link them and control your shutter remotely.

According to your needs, you can simply add a new DiO 1.0 control via the first remote control installed.
The DiO 1.0 roller shutter motor is compatible with all the controls and detectors in the DiO 1.0 range:
- Remote control,
- Wireless switches,
- DiO Home+ unit for control via your smartphone or voice control via a smart speaker,
- Motion detectors and door/window opening detectors.

Suits your lifestyle

Suits your lifestyle

Economy and security

With connected roller shutters, you insulate better, save energy, and improve your home's security.

Insulate your home from the heat and the cold by programming and automating your shutters. In winter, program your shutters to close automatically as soon as night falls. In summer, close them during the brightest times of the day to prevent sunny rooms from becoming hot and to protect your furniture and textiles.

Secure your home easily by simulating your presence when you are out, or connect your shutters to the DiO 1.0 outside motion detector to close your shutters automatically if a presence is detected in the garden.