A solution to suit your situation

Like all DiO solutions, power systems are very accessible to all. Do you have manual shutters that you want to automate? Nothing could be easier, with the DiO tubular motor. Slide the motor into the tube of your roller shutter and connect it to the power supply. Then simply press the ON button on the DiO remote control supplied to link them and control your shutter remotely. Do you have a power shutter but you want to add a wireless control or control it remotely? That's even easier: simply install the DiO roller shutter module instead of your switch, and connect it to a DiO control. You can then centralise your shutters or control them individually in the blink of an eye!

Suits your lifestyle

Simplify your daily life by centralising your roller shutter controls via a remote control, a switch, or your smartphone. Forget about the chore of opening your shutters manually one by one every morning! Thanks to the motorisation of your roller shutters and the DiO wireless solution, you can open your shutters effortlessly, with your fingertips. Open your gate from the front door or the car using the mini keychain remote control. Or program automatic opening and closing in accordance with your own routines, and create personalised scenarios. For example, your shutters close automatically when night falls and open at daybreak, at the programmed times.

To make your home more economical and more secure

Insulate your home from the heat and the cold by programming and automating your shutters. In winter, program your shutters to close automatically as soon as night falls. In summer, close them during the brightest times of the day to prevent sunny rooms from becoming hot and to protect your furniture and textiles. Secure your home easily by simulating your presence when you are out, or connect your shutters to an exterior motion detector to close your shutters automatically if a presence is detected in the garden.