Module for remotely controlled gate or garage door


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Don't get out of the car to open your garage door or gate.

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  • 54553
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Controls the opening and closing of various automated devices such as a garage door, motorised gate, electric bolt, or other devices limited to 500 W.

- The DiO 1.0 dry contact module can be controlled with all DiO 1.0 controls (remote control, wireless switch, or smartphone via the DiO Home+ home automation unit, DiO videophone or DiOBell connected doorbell).
- You can install up to six control points per module.
- Up to 50 m range between the module and the DiO 1.0 remote control
- 230-V power supply.
- Built-in timer with 4 different modes (manual on/off, 1 s, 5 s, 120 s)
- Contents: One dry contact module


Easy installation 

Connect this module directly to the automation motor. Once it is connected to your remote controls and your Home Box, you can remotely control the opening or closing of the door at the touch of a button.

No more need to get out of your car, for example when it rains, go out in the rain to open your garage door manually. Operate the door opening from the inside of your car, in a dry place. 

Open from the other side of the world 

You can combine this module with your DiO Home+ control unit or DiO Video Phone (DIOVDP-B01). You can trigger the opening of your gate or electric strike from your smartphone wherever you are. For example, when your children come home from school and they don't have their keys or when the delivery man comes to drop off a package, let them come in with just one click.