DIO Connect programmable shutter module + remote control kit

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Control your shutters the way you want.

  • REV-KIT-08
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  • REV-KIT-08
 In stock


Allows you to program, open, close and centralise your shutters from anywhere.

The combination of WiFi and 433 MHz radio frequency gives you instant control of your shutters using a switch, remote control, voice or smartphone.

- Easy to install. 

- No additional box or hub is needed to control the smart module with your free smartphone app. 

- Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home speakers to control everything by voice (skill one 4 all).

- Ergonomic app, 100% compatible with all DiO accessories, allowing you to set timers and program living scenarios.

Technical specifications

- Protocols: Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) + DiO 1.0 radio frequency (433 MHz).

- Function: Up/ Off/ Down

- Maximum power: 2 X 4A

- Transmission range of 50 m (in open field) with DiO remote control.

- Free Android and iOS app: DiO one

- Compatible with Google Home and Alexa ("One 4 all" skill)

Use Indoor only
Degree of protection IP20
Power (W) 2x600W
Connection Wired
Type of control Up / Down / Stop
Connectivity Wi-Fi 2,4GHz 802.11 b/g/n
Wireless protocol DiO 1.0
Radio frequency 433,92 MHz + 2,4GHz
Transmission range 50m
Number of transmitters max. 6
Time schedule unlimited via app
Voice-controlled Yes, via Alexa and Google Home - Skill: One 4 all
Smartphone control Yes
Mobile app DiO one


Easy installation


Our DiO Connect shutter module makes installation effortless and stress-free.  It can be installed either on your existing shutter switch or directly on your motorised roller shutter.


Fusion of 433MHz & Wi-Fi technologies


What's in it for you? Well, everything! As well as increasing your comfort, it allows you to control your roller shutter from home or from anywhere in the world.


- The 433MHz radio frequency lets you control your devices locally using the DiO 1.0 control of your choice (remote control, wireless switch or wireless sensor). The advantage of this wireless frequency is that in the event of Wi-Fi interference, you'll always be able to switch and control your switch locally without any difficulty. You can also link your switch to a motion detector or door opening detector, so that when you enter the room, your light switches on automatically.The advantage of Wi-Fi control is that you can operate your shutters not only from home, but also from anywhere in the world using our free DiO one application. In other words, from your deckchair, while you're on holiday, you can use your phone to check that your shutters are closed and close them if they're not, as well as simulating a presence and increasing security while you're away. 


- But that's not all... Thanks to its compatibility with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, you won't even need to clutter your hands with a remote control or smartphone, because with just your voice and from your sofa, you can ask Google or Alexa (using DiO's "One 4 All" skill) to open or close your shutters.


Adapt your home automation system to your needs!


By linking your DiO accessories to Wi-Fi, you can add timers, for example, so that your shutters open at a specific time.


Increase your comfort! When you go to bed in the evening, it's always hard to get up and get out of the warm bed to close your shutters. Everyone has experienced that feeling of not wanting to get out of bed and enjoy the comfort of bed.


But that was before... because the day before, you had created a scenario to close everything using your connected switches. And tonight, from your bed, all you have to do is reach out and grab your remote control, your smartphone or simply press the wireless switch you've placed next to your bed to launch the "good night" scenario without ever moving again.


Even more comfort is possible: 


You like waking up with the sun's rays on your face and you want to enjoy natural light right up until the last moment. The new function on the DiO ONE app makes it possible. You set your blinds to open 20 minutes before sunrise and they close 5 minutes after sunset.