E27 colour LED bulb - Bluetooth Mesh

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Bring colour into your home with this Bluetooth light bulb, controllable with your smartphone.

  • SMLM-C13G-E27
  • SMLM-C13G-E27
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Control your light using a smartphone and a Bluetooth connection.

- LED - 13 W
- Lamp holder: E27
- 16 million colours
- Adjustable brightness
- 200° lighting angle
- Remote control via Bluetooth up to 50 m
- Android and iOS compatible
- Proximity detection
- Timer programming
- AwoX SmartCONTROL application
- Lifetime 20,000 hours
- Energy rating A+
- Connectivity: Bluetooth Mesh

Easy to install and use

A light bulb like no other, designed to improve your daily life, thanks to its Bluetooth compatibility. You can control your connected light bulb with your smartphone in just a few clicks. In other words, you can turn your light off, on, adjust its brightness and even choose the ambient colour your lighting will give off, all from a distance.

This bulb may also react on its own. It is equipped with a proximity sensor, which means that it automatically turns on as soon as you get close to it.

Program your bulb

Improve your comfort by scheduling your light to come on at a certain time so that when you come home from work or shopping with your hands full of bags, your light is already on.

No more looking for your keys in the dark: a simple connected light bulb will prevent you from becoming frustrated or looking for your switch.

Bluetooth Mesh

Controlling a light bulb, changing its colour or intensity is one thing, but if you want to control the light at the opposite end of your house, there will be a limit. But with this Bluetooth Mesh connectivity, you can reach a transmission distance of up to 50 m between you and the light fitting.

Not only that, but this light bulb also communicates with its fellow bulbs. They make a kind of communicating chain in order to increase the transmission distance. This means that each time you add a bulb, it allows you to increase the range by 50 m.