SmartLIGHT - E14 colour bulb Bluetooth Mesh
  • SmartLIGHT - E14 colour bulb Bluetooth Mesh
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E14 LED colour bulb - Bluetooth Mesh

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A controllable bulb with smartphone, which brings you light and warmth at the times you want.

  • SMLM-C5-E14
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  • SMLM-C5-E14
 In stock

Adjust the intensity, the colour or simply turn your light on and off via your smartphone and a Bluetooth connection.

- LED - 5 W
- Lamp holder: E14
- 16 million colours
- Adjustable brightness
- 180° lighting angle
- Remote control via Bluetooth up to 50 m
- Android and iOS compatible
- Proximity detection
- Timer programming
- AwoX SmartCONTROL application
- Lifetime 20,000 hours
- Energy rating A+
- Connectivity: Bluetooth Mesh

Warranty 2 years
Use Indoor only
Product lifetime 20 000h - 15 000 cycles
Watts 5W
Wattage (eq. Incandescent) 40W
Connectivity Bluetooth Smart Mesh
Time schedule Yes
Smartphone control Yes
Mobile app AwoX SmartCONTROL
iOS compatibility Yes, iOS 8.0 and above
Android compatibility Yes, Android 4.1 and higher
Incoming call signal Yes, Android only
Angle of beam 180°
Adjustable intensity Yes
Type of base E14/E26
Group of bulbs Yes, up to 50
Lumens 400lm
Energy label A+
Colors RGB (16 million colors)
Temperature 2700-6500K
Secure network Yes
Signal repeater (meshing) Yes
Number of users Multi-user

Easy to install and use

In addition to being easy to install, since it attaches like a regular light bulb, you can also control it via your smartphone and Bluetooth connection. From the application, you can turn it off, turn it on, change the colour and adjust the brightness of your lighting to bring a warmer and more friendly atmosphere to your home.

The bulb doesn't just stop at that, since you can also program it to turn on or off with or without different intensity or colour, from a certain time.

Program your bulb

Wake up softly with warm light and low intensity, like the sunlight coming into your home. All this is possible, thanks to our connected LED light bulb.

Via the application, you just need to program a schedule, for example your waking time, and add a special effect to wake up at your own pace without dazzling you with too much light.

Bluetooth Mesh

The Bluetooth Mesh connection allows you to reach a transmission distance of up to 50 m. Compared to a simple Bluetooth connection, which is more limited. The goal here is once again to make you more comfortable. So that from your bed you can switch on the light from the bottom or top floor without any difficulty.

50 metres is still a short distance, you might say. But the Mesh lets you reach an even greater range. To do this, you need to add more bulbs. Between them, they will then create a kind of mesh, allowing you to increase the range by 50 m from one to the next and control your luminaires without limit.