SmartPLUG - Bluetooth connected socket - UK version
  • SmartPLUG - Bluetooth connected socket - UK version
  • SmartPLUG - Bluetooth connected socket - UK version
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Bluetooth connected socket - UK version

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Control all your electrical devices and lights remotely with your smartphone or tablet and a Bluetooth connection.

  • SMP-B13-UK
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  • SMP-B13-UK
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An adapter socket to turn your simple electrical devices into smart, connected devices that can be controlled with your smartphone and a Bluetooth connection.

- On/Off function
- Local wireless use
- Power: 100-120 V / 10 A / 60 Hz
- Timer programming
- Real-time power consumption
- Energy consumption meter: Day / Week / Month
- Remote control range: up to 30 m
- AwoX SmartCONTROL application
- Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart

Type of plug UK

Timer programming

Control all devices remotely with SmartPLUG from your smartphone or tablet. With your Bluetooth connection activated and the AwoX SmartControl application, you can transform your standard devices into remotely controllable connected devices, create schedules and monitor your energy consumption.

Via the application, you can therefore add a schedule so that your light turns on when you wake up and your electric heater turns on in your bathroom so that when you arrive, your room is heated.

Real-time power consumption

This plug works as a kind of adapter. You must connect it between your wall outlet and the plug of your electrical appliance. Then you need to pair it with your smartphone via the application and your Bluetooth connection.

Via the application, in addition to controlling it or inserting schedules, you can analyse your energy use in real time, but also help to better control your consumption and thus save on your energy bill.


Via the Bluetooth connection, you can use your smartphone to control your device, which has now become smart thanks to the connected plug. The advantage compared to Wi-Fi is that you eliminate the risk of an internet outage or connection problems that would disrupt control.