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‘Clearance’ products are products that we are going to stop producing, which are therefore at ‘end of life’. They are new, and will never be available again when stock runs out.

‘Reconditioning’ products are items we cannot sell as new. These are mainly products with damaged packaging or slight traces of wear. In other cases, they are products that customers have exchanged.

Items in both categories are always offered at a discounted price. It's never been so easy to make savings.


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€13.99 €7.99
Stylish power strip 5 x 16 A with switch - 1.5 m - Aluminium
A Modern and functional power strip; ideal to plug in your electrical appliances and lamps.
€4.99 €2.99
Power strip 5 x 16 A no cable - Aluminium
Customise your power strip by adding a cord in the colour of your choice.
€13.99 €9.99
Stylish power strip 5 x 16 A with switch - 1.5 m - White

Improve your comfort quickly and inexpensively with this stylish power strip with switch.

€18.49 €9.99
Clamp block 3 x 16 A - 3 m - White

Don't waste any more space thanks to this clip-on power strip that can be hung anywhere.

€10.99 €5.99
Dummy dome camera with LED
Keep your home or business secure quickly and at low cost.
€34.90 €16.99
Wireless outdoor motion sensor
Ideal for automatically illuminating a driveway or entrance.
Unearthed DIY reel - 8 m
Thanks to this reel, DIY and efficiency are one and the same.
Worksite reel - 40 m
Make your work easier with this professional reel.
€2.99 €1.49
Smooth E14 lamp holder (3 pcs) - White

Bring a finishing touch to your pendant lamps.

€8.99 €5.95
Electronic transformer 230 V/12 V (60 W)
Reduce the voltage of your light fittings and the risk of overheating with this transformer.