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  • Brand: Chacon
  • Brand: edisio
€5.90 €4.72
White metal ceiling rose

Personalise your lighting with these metal ceiling roses!

€31.90 €25.52
Panic button

Send a distress signal in one second with this panic button.

€4.90 €3.92
Cable tie clips - White (100 pcs)

Don't leave your cables lying around on the floor any more.

€3.90 €3.12
Plug-in night light - white

Little plug-in night light to reassure your children at night.

€109.00 €87.20
Wired 4.3" white videophone

View and communicate with the person who comes to your door.

€24.90 €22.41
Fire protection cover

Secure your home against fire hazards.

€55.90 €44.72
Worksite reel - 25 m (SCH)

Treat yourself to professional-quality equipment, to work in complete safety.

€17.90 €16.11
Flush-mounted socket + 2 USB

One socket, 3 connections and one location, to connect the whole family.

€8.90 €8.01
Cartoon nightlights Strawberry

A range of Cartoon nightlights for the comfort of our children!

€7.90 €7.11
Square mechanical timer - SCH

Make savings by programming the switching on and off of your electrical appliances and lighting fixtures according to your needs.

€19.90 €17.91
Wi-Fi Outside Timer

Program your electrical appliances at any time with your free My Chacon application

€3.90 €3.12
White cable - 2 m

Give a second life to your electronic devices by changing their cord.

€9.90 €8.91
Extension lead - White - 2.5 m
Go even further with your electrical appliances and lights, with this extension.
€54.90 €49.41
Indoor siren with flash - Wireless

Keep your home, office or business safe from intrusions.

€6.90 €6.21
Plug-in night light

Automatically adapts to the brightness of the room and emits a soft light to reassure your children at night.

€15.90 €14.31
€15.90 €14.31
Digital timer

Don't leave your devices on standby any more, and make savings, thanks to this digital timer

€18.90 €15.12
Rotating dummy camera with motion sensor and blue LED

A dummy camera that looks just like the real thing. Keep your home or business secure easily and at low cost.

€7.90 €7.11
Thermometer with sensor

No more winter clothes in the summer!

€104.90 €83.92
Wireless local alarm system

Protect your house in no time at all thanks to this quality alarm system with its sleek and elegant design.

€18.99 €17.09
Digital timer with large LCD

Make your home secure with a simulated presence by automatically switching devices on and off at scheduled times.