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  • Brand: Chacon
Wireless DVR with 2 cameras

Monitor your home or business remotely with your smartphone.

Dual USB Car Charger

Charge your USB devices easily and safely on the road.

Multi-charger - Orange

Charge your smartphone or tablet with this octopus charger.

Energy meter

Improve and adapt your energy consumption.

Motion sensor alarm with code

Be notified immediately at the slightest suspicious detection.

Snake power strip 5 x 16 A + 2x USB - 1.5 m - White (SCH)
Optimize the space by adapting to the shapes (table leg, wall corner, etc.) thanks to the Snake power strip.
WiFi power strip 5 x 16 A - 1.5 m - White

Control your electrical devices and lights from anywhere using your smartphone.

Door/window opening detector

Be alerted immediately at the slightest door or window opening.

Wi-Fi timer - On/Off (SCH)

Program your lighting and electrical appliances using your smartphone