PACK - Smoke detector + Fire blanket

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Protect your home against fire hazards.

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Smoke detector

- Q-label certified by the KRIWAN test institute
- 3V lithium battery (permanently installed)
- 10-year battery life
- Alarm volume: 85 dB
- Mute option for approx. 10 minutes
- Regular self-test with automatic error message - Low battery warning sound
- Operating temperature: 0°C to + 45°C
- Large test button
- Anti-theft

Fire blanket  

- Material of the cover: Glass fibre
- Use: Professionals and private individuals
- Does not conduct heat and does not burn
- Emergency handles for quick and easy use
- Fixing notch for more convenient use
- Hard protective case

Use Indoor only
Color White
Type of supply Battery(s)

Smoke detector

This smoke detector identifies smoke particles and triggers an alarm. This detector has a double safety mechanism: it detects not only smoke, but also heat. This product combines optical smoke measurement with precise analysis of the temperature change in the space.

Use of the smoke detector

- For use in bedrooms, children's rooms, corridors, etc.
- Also suitable for use in habitable vehicles (e.g. motor homes)
- Functionality should be checked every four weeks

Fire blanket

Use this fire blanket against small fires involving clothing, bed linen or cooking utensils.