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€14.90 €11.77
Keychain remote control

Light your lamps and close your shutters with your fingertips

€49.99 €39.49
Indoor HD IP Wi-Fi camera - 1280 x 720 p

Keep an eye on your house and your loved ones, wherever you are

€52.90 €41.79
Long Range Wireless Chime Kit with 2 receivers - DiO Design

Easily install or replace your doorbell with this long-range wireless doorbell – no wiring necessary.

€189.00 €149.31
Wireless GSM/SMS alarm system

Secure your home with ease, wherever you are, via your smartphone.

€99.99 €78.99
Wireless local alarm system

Protect your house in no time at all thanks to this quality alarm system with its sleek and elegant design.

€19.90 €15.72
Dummy alarm siren with flashing red LED

Keep your home or business secure easily and at low cost.

€23.99 €9.99
Stylish power strip 5 x 16 A with switch + 2x USB - 1.5 m - White
Connect your electrical appliances and lights while charging your smartphones and tablets via the USB ports.
€8.99 €7.10
First weather station

Small and discreet, this weather station gives you live information on the temperature and humidity inside your home.

€7.79 €6.15
€7.79 €6.15
Black spiral - 2.5 m

Tidy up your cables with this black spiral.

€32.90 €25.99
On/Off module with built-in timer
Ideal for entrance halls or landings.
€28.90 €22.83
Darkness sensor with timer
Turn your lamps on automatically or automatically lower your shutters at nightfall.