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Fire blanket

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Protect your home against fire danger.

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  • 34161
 In stock

Use this fire blanket against small fires involving clothing, bed linen, cooking utensils or fryer fires.

- Use: Professionals and private individuals
- Does not conduct heat or burn
- Emergency handles for quick and easy use
- Fixing notch for convenient use
- Hard protective case
- Suitable for deep fryer fires
- Suitable for caravans, private homes, boats... 
- Size: 1.2m x 1.8m

Color White
Material Fiberglass
Dimension 1,2m x 1,8m


It can save your life...

The fire blanket is an accessory designed to smother a domestic fire before it gets too big. But it can also be used in more serious cases, for example to extinguish a person on fire.

We advise you to place this fire blanket near your kitchen or near flammable products.

Storage advice

To make sure that the blanket is operational in the event of a fire, we advise you to check the blanket every year to make sure that there are no tears or holes that could prevent the blanket from working properly.