Kit of 2 single wireless switches DIO 1.0

Add a switch wherever you want – no wiring necessary

DiO 1.0 wireless switch - Black

Add a switch wherever you want – no wiring necessary

Set of 2 On/Off lighting modules (1000W) - DiO 1.0

Make a simple light bulb a connected light bulb without pulling any extra cables.

DIO roller shutter module (433 MHz / Zigbee / BLE)

Close or open your shutters simultaneously or individually with a single click.

Electrical bypass - DiO

Lets you completely turn off any LED/ECO bulbs that flash, flicker or remain slightly lit

Electric strike module 12/24 V

Open your electric strike remotely with a remote control

Nano socket (SCH) - On/Off

Control your lamps and electrical appliances remotely from your bed.

Bluetooth converter - LiteBox

Program the lighting of your lamps and/or the opening and closing of your shutters using your smartphone without any internet connection.

Audiophone 2-wires

Ask who is at your gate or door before opening it.

Signal amplifier

Double the transmission range between your DiO 1.0 accessories

Programmable 16-channel remote control

Remotely control and program the activation times of your DiO accessories