Set Lighting module and kinetic On / Off switch

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Discover the simplicity and effectiveness of our kinetic kit today.

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  • 54666
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Thanks to the recessed lighting module and the kinetic wireless switch (without batteries), you can control your light sources remotely without having to pull a cable.

- Function: On/Off

- Maximum module power: 500W - LED / 5A

- Maximum number of transmitters: up to 10 switches

- Transmission distance: 80m (open field) / 25m (indoors)

Warranty 2 years
Use Indoor only
Color White
Type of control On/Off
Radio frequency 433 MHz
Transmission range 80m
Smartphone control No
Content 1 on/off module, 1 kinetic wireless switch (battery-free)

Wireless and battery-free: enjoy convenience with our wireless switch that requires no batteries. Discover the freedom of reliable, environmentally-friendly wireless control.

Ultra-small size: Compact and discreet, our switch is designed with an ultra-small footprint, ensuring seamless integration into any environment.

Additional wired switch input: increase flexibility with the option of an additional wired switch. Get the best of both worlds by combining traditional wired switches with modern wireless controls.

Upgrade traditional wired devices: move seamlessly from traditional wired configurations to an intelligent wireless system. Elevate your home or workspace with state-of-the-art automation without the need for extensive rewiring.

Upgrade your home automation with our kinetic kit, a powerful duo consisting of a kinetic module and a switch/receiver. This innovative solution operates exclusively on RF433 MHz, guaranteeing reliable and transparent communication between devices.