On/Off lighting micromodule
  • On/Off lighting micromodule
  • On/Off lighting micromodule
  • On/Off lighting micromodule
  • On/Off lighting micromodule
  • On/Off lighting micromodule
  • On/Off lighting micromodule

Wireless Switch Module On/Off

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Create a two-way switch quickly, without pulling any cables

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  • 54515
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Place this module behind your existing switch so that you can control your lights wirelessly.

- You can still control your light with the switch, a remote control, or automatically by connecting it to a movement or opening detector.
- Connect the module to the LiteBox or DiO unit, and thanks to the free smartphone app, you can set timers and program your scenarios. For example: to simulate a presence during your holidays.
- Voice control via an Amazon Echo or Google Home smart speaker (requires the DiO Home+ home automation unit).

Warranty 2 years
Use Indoor only
Color White
Power (W) 200W
Type of control On/Off
Wireless protocol DiO 1.0
Radio frequency 433,92 MHz by DiO
Transmission range 50m
Smartphone control No

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Add a switch anywhere

Tired of bumping into the furniture because your switch is not near the door? Tired of going downstairs in the dark?

Add a second switch anywhere without having to pull cables or make trenches or holes in the wall.

Install this micromodule behind your existing switch, and then affix a DiO 1.0 wireless switch anywhere you like: at the other end of the hall, in the attic, on the door, etc.

Or install a motion detector or DiO door opening sensor to make your lighting switch on automatically when you go through.

Installation accessible to all

Installing an intelligent lighting micromodule is very simple, without the need to modify your electrical installation.

Simply connect the micromodule behind your existing switch (neutral not required), choose your controller or the wireless DiO 1.0 detector, and link them in just 2 clicks.

The lighting micromodule is compatible with all DiO 1.0 controllers and detectors:
- Remote control,
- Wireless switches,
- LiteBox or DiO Home+ for control via your smartphone,
- Motion detectors and door/window opening sensors.

Control your lighting with voice control

Just one word and your request is granted. A dream come true, right? With this micromodule, you can touch heaven with your fingertips.

From your bed or sofa, no more need to get up; just say the word and the light switches on or off immediately.

Create life scenarios

To make life easier and more comfortable, you can also create several custom scenarios. For example, the light goes off automatically when you open your shutters, or create a timer so that the hall light goes on automatically at a specific time.