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  • Brand: Chacon
  • Brand: edisio
Wireless GSM/SMS alarm system

Secure your home with ease, wherever you are, via your smartphone.

Cartoon nightlights Strawberry

A range of Cartoon nightlights for the comfort of our children!

Chick cartoon nightlights

A range of Cartoon nightlights for the comfort of our children!

Silicone pendant light kit - Grey

Personalize your interior with modern pendant lights!

Square mechanical timer - SCH

Make savings by programming the switching on and off of your electrical appliances and lighting fixtures according to your needs.

Plug-in night light

Automatically adapts to the brightness of the room and emits a soft light to reassure your children at night.

All-in-one wireless alarm

Protect your home, business, garden shed or caravan quickly and easily during your holidays. 

Extension lead - Black - 2.5 m

Take your electrical appliance or fixture even further with this extension cord.

Black cable - 2 m

Revive your electronic devices by changing their damaged cords

Smoke detector Abus RWM140

This smoke detector can identify smoke particles and trigger an alarm. This detector has a double safety mechanism; it not only detects smoke, but heat as well. This product combines optical smoke measurement with a precise analysis of the change in temperature in the room.

Kit with 4 wireless cameras with IP touch screen

Monitor your home, business or office with this kit with screen and wireless camera.

Cable feed-through strip - Medium weight

With this feed-through strip, you no longer have to trip on cables lying around on the floor.

550 consumption meter (FR)

Save energy and money by adjusting your energy expenditure with this meter.

Garden reel 25 m (SCH)

Bring a power supply into your garden in a few minutes.

Set of 3 outside mini sockets + remote control

Control your outdoor electrical devices remotely using the remote control provided. 

Extension with white switch - 2 m

Easily switch your appliances on and off with this extension cord with switch.

E27 silicone lamp holder

Give your interior a modern and elegant style...