Set of 2 mechanical timers - white, FR sockets

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Save energy and money by automatically turning off your devices rather than leaving them on standby when they are not being used.

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  • 99050
 In stock

This programmer lets you make significant savings in energy consumption.

- The operating hours can easily be selected by depressing the sliders.
- An override switch on the side activates the timer.
- 1 to 48 on-off cycles per day/min. 15 minutes per cycle.
- Max. power: 3500 W
- Indoor use
- One 16-A socket
- 15-minute segment

Warranty 2 years
Type of plug FR
Power (W) 3500W
Ampereage (A) 16A

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Saving money

Save energy and money by plugging your electrical appliances and lights into this mechanical timer. Anyone can forget to turn off a light or leave certain appliances on standby. And yet this oversight, if it happens often, can have an impact on your bills.

Aquarium lighting, coffee makers, lamps, heaters, night lights for your children, Christmas tree lighting... All these devices can be switched on or off automatically, simply by programming your schedules.


Secure your home at a lower cost with this programmer, by simulating a presence during your holidays or simply if you are staying with friends or family. To do this, simply program the times at which your light is to be switched on and off using the wheel and buttons. Simple and effective.