1.5 m power strip - White / grey

Select your mini unit design to fit in perfectly with your interior style.

180° motion sensor - White

Save energy and money with this motion sensor.

2-wire intercom system

Ask who is at your gate or door before opening it.

3 m twisted fabric cable - Gold

Add a golden touch to your custom pendant lights with this twisted fabric cable.

360° ceiling-mounted motion sensor

Be immediately illuminated as soon as you pass through the corridor.

360° indoor WiFi camera - 1080 p

This indoor 360° WiFi camera lets you keep an eye on your house and your loved ones, wherever you are.

3D relief fabric cable - 3 m - Black/ White

This 3D-effect relief cable will add a touch of originality to your custom pendant light.

3D relief fabric cable - 3 m - White/ Black

Add a touch of originality to your hanging light with this fabric cord with relief effect.

Addition wireless camera

Optimize the surveillance of your home by adding a second camera to your installation.

Additional camera for videophone

Secure the entrance to your home or business by adding a second camera to your videophone system.

Adjustable 180° motion sensor - Black

Save money with this motion detector; your lighting will only be switched on for as long as you need it.

All-in-one wireless alarm

Protect your home, business, garden shed or caravan quickly and easily during your holidays. 

Automatic LED night light with sensor - Flame

Turns on and off automatically using its photoelectric sensor, depending on the brightness of the room.

Battery-powered optical smoke alarm - 5 years

Secure your home. In the event of fire, the smoke detector will alert you with its audible signal.