2 X Wireless outdoor WiFi camera with solar panel

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Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, to satisfy the needs of voice-control enthusiasts, this outdoor 100% wireless battery-operated camera lets you keep an eye on your house and your loved ones, wherever you are.

  • 2-IPCAM-BE03-PS
 In stock
  • 2-IPCAM-BE03-PS
 In stock

The battery powered outdoor camera with a solar panel included, allows you to discreetly monitor your home from your smartphone.

- Night vision : 10 m
- Powered by battery: 3.6V - 6700mAh
- Magnetic wall mount
- Two-way audio
- Solar panel
- Power: 5W
- Connection: 3m USB C cable
- SD card : not included

Degree of protection IP65
Connection Wireless
Transfo 1 - Type Transfo 5V
Transfo 1 - Provided Included
Connectivity Wi-Fi
Voice-controlled Yes, via Alexa and Google Home
Smartphone control Yes
Mobile app My Chacon
iOS compatibility Yes, iOS 8.0 and above
Android compatibility Yes, Android 4.1 and higher
Recording media Micro-SD card
Storage capacity (GB) max 128Go
Resolution 1920x1080p
Type of camera Outdoor camera

Camera adapts to your needs
This camera has a built-in battery that allows you to install it with or without the solar panel provided. This allows you to place it inside or outside your home. For example, you want to fix the camera in a place where there is not much light, you exchange the mode of power by a wired connection.

Eco-Friendly - save energy
Place your camera in the place of your choice, on a facade of your house, stoop or even in your garden, without worrying about the connection of the camera. Thanks to its solar panel, the battery of the camera is self-powered. This allows you to install it easily in a place difficult to access and not think about it. No need to worry about recharging the battery or change the batteries. In addition, this camera has an IP65 rating, which allows it to withstand the elements.

Keep an eye on your home at all times
You want to see live images or be notified in case of an intrusion in your home. Thanks to the free My Chacon application, you receive notifications on the detections perceived by the WiFi camera. This is ideal in case, your children come home from school, and you want to be notified of their arrival. With a simple notification on your smartphone, it is possible and you can even make sure by looking at the images received. In addition, you can communicate through this camera.