Solution with DiO 2.0 home automation socket
  • Solution with DiO 2.0 home automation socket
  • Solution with DiO 2.0 home automation socket
  • Solution with DiO 2.0 home automation socket
  • Solution with DiO 2.0 home automation socket

DiO 2.0 home automation socket (868 MHz)


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Very easy to install, this remotely controllable socket lets you control your smart lighting individually, centrally, or automatically thanks to a personalised life scenario, using a remote control or smartphone via the HomeBox.

Link the socket to the DiO HomeBox, and thanks to the free smartphone app, you can centralise and automate your lights and devices and program life scenarios, for example to switch on your coffee machine from bed.

Ideal for managing and programming your spare radiator. Use the socket with the DiO 2.0 thermostatic remote control unit or create a virtual thermostat with the DiO Home app so that your room is always at the right temperature and/or you can make sure it is off when you are not there.

With the status feedback function, you can check from anywhere that your lamp or electrical appliance is off.

Contents: One On/Off home automation socket
Warranty 2 years
Colour White
Power (W) 3500 W
Socket type FR
Protection rating IP20
Power supply type Mains
Use Inside only
Type of solution Receiver
Type of control On/Off
Max number of transmitters 32
Transmission range 150 m
Timer Yes
Radio protocol DiO 2.0
Radio frequency 868 MHz
Smartphone-controllable No
Status feedback Yes
Bulb compatibility Incandescent, Halogen, LED, CFL, Neon
Contents One On/Off home automation socket

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DiO 2.0 – the enhanced performance solution

The main benefit of DiO 2.0 products is their long free-field radio transmission distance of up to 150 m, so they can operate throughout the house.

In addition, they are ideal for checking the status of your devices through your smartphone using status feedback, so you can check if your lights are turned on or off, your shutters open or closed, your heating switched on, etc.

Lastly, DiO 2.0 modules and sockets have advanced options such as the signal repeater, doubling the transmission distance.

DiO 1.0 and DiO 2.0 products do not operate on the same radio frequency and are therefore not compatible. However, you can use them together through the smart home system, which will link them and enable you to use a DiO 1.0 remote control to turn on a lamp connected to a DiO 2.0 module, for example.