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Set of 3 mini outside sockets + remote control

Control your garden remotely from your deck chair using the remote control provided. 

Set of four On/Off mini sockets and 4-channel remote control

Switch your lamps and electrical devices on or off remotely, from anywhere in your home, thanks to the remote control supplied.

Set of 3 on/off sockets and 3-channel remote control - DiO 1.0

Acting as an adapter, this socket lets you control your lamps and other electrical devices remotely.

Set of four mini sockets On/Off + remote control

Remotely control your lights and electrical appliances with the remote control provided.

Set of 3 On/Off remote-controlled sockets + remote control

Take the remote control with you and switch your light or electrical appliance on or off from your bed or chair.

Dimmer socket for lighting

Remotely control and vary the brightness of your lighting

Set of 2 On/Off remote-controlled sockets + remote control

From your sofa, turn on or off your lamps and electrical appliances remotely and effortlessly.

DiO First: Three On/off sockets (UK) + Remote control
Control your lamps and appliances from your sofa thanks to the remote control supplied.