Set of three On/Off sockets, remote control and LiteBox - Bluetooth programmer
  • Set of three On/Off sockets, remote control and LiteBox - Bluetooth programmer

Set of three On/Off sockets, remote control and LiteBox - Bluetooth timer


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Control and program the lighting of your lights using your smartphone without internet connection
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With the LiteBox, you can control all your lamps and electrical devices connected to DiO sockets individually or centrally via your smartphone.

Thanks to the free DiO Lite app, you program timers and create life scenarios. For example, create a night scenario and stop wasting time switching off all your lights and devices before going to bed.

In short:
- Free intuitive DiO Lite app available for Android and iOS.
- No need for an Internet connection; the LiteBox lets you connect your DiO 1.0 sockets locally to your smartphone via Bluetooth.
- Control your lamps, devices and shutters room by room: you can create up to eight rooms with eight devices or scenarios.
- 1500-W remote-controlled socket (French version)
- The LiteBox is 100% compatible with DiO 1.0 receivers.
- Contents: One LiteBox unit (requires two 1.5-V AA batteries, not included), three On/Off sockets and one four-channel remote control (3-V CR2032 battery, included)

Make savings and simplify your life

Make savings by programming your electrical devices in a user-friendly way with the free DiO Lite app. For example, connect your water heater to a DiO 1.0 socket and program it very easily with your smartphone. You can create a specific schedule for each day and change it at any time using your smartphone. No more need to bend over backwards to change the timer when you have a day off.

Increase your convenience by switching off all your lights easily from your sofa for a relaxing moment, with your smartphone or the remote control provided.

Local connection

The DiO LiteBox solution needs no internet connection. This makes it ideal for controlling and programming the devices in your holiday home.

Easy, user-friendly installation

Connect your lamps, roller blinds and any other electrical device to a DiO 1.0 receiver (socket, lighting module, module for shutter or gate); download the DiO Lite app and create your account. All that remains is to connect your receiver to your LiteBox via the app, in just a few seconds.

You can now create your rooms, personalise your objects, and create your personalised timers or scenarios.