Solutions with DiO 1.0 home automation socket
  • Solutions with DiO 1.0 home automation socket

DiO 1.0 On/Off nano socket


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A plug in a socket that allows you to control your lamps and electrical appliances remotely.
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This remotely controllable socket lets you control your lighting individually, centrally, or automatically thanks to a remote control or a switch, or using a smartphone via the HomeBox.

- Function: On/Off
- Maximum number of transmitters: up to 32 controls
- Transmission range: 50 m (free field)
- 100% Compatible with the DiO 1.0 range
- Compatible with LED, Halogen, energy-saving, and incandescent bulbs.
Power (W) 2300 W
Socket type FR
Amperage (A) 10 A
Protection rating IP20
Type of solution Receiver
Type of control On/Off
Max number of transmitters 32
Transmission range 50 m
Radio protocol DiO 1.0
Radio frequency 433.92 MHz
Smartphone-controllable No
Status feedback No
Bulb compatibility Incandescent, Halogen, LED, ECO

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Practical and discreet

One of the smallest intelligent plugs on the market, the DiO nano plug will fit perfectly in any interior. In addition, you will be able to place several of them on a power strip to manage all the devices and lights individually.

Connect the sockets to your DiO home automation unit, and thanks to the free smartphone app, you can set timers and program life scenarios, for example to switch on your radio at a specific time.

Easy to install

No installation work required; you will be able to control your lighting from your sofa in less than a minute using the DiO 1.0 control of your choice: remote control, wireless switch, or smartphone.

With it connected to the power supply, you can connect the nano socket very simply to your HomeBox DiO to control your lighting and your electrical appliances easily and smartly from your smartphone. You can also connect the DiO jack to a remote control or DiO 1.0 (433 MHz) switch.