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€13.90 €10.98
Titanium metal lamp holder

Add a touch of vintage to your suspension thanks to this metallic titanium lamp holder.

€8.90 €7.03
Fabric cable + switch, 2 m - Red

Add a touch of colour to your custom suspensions with this red fabric cable.

€5.99 €4.73
White cable - 1.5 m
Give your appliance a second lease of life by replacing its power cord.
€4.99 €3.94
Black cable - 5 m

Change the cord on your device and give it a new lease of life.

€6.90 €5.45
Metal ceiling rose - black

Hide your suspension wires with this black metal ceiling rose.

€8.90 €7.03
Black fabric cable with switch, - 2 m

Make amazing pendant lamps out of practically nothing.

€6.90 €5.45
Metal ceiling rose - Titanium

Thanks to this metal ceiling rose, camouflage the wires of your hanging light.

€12.90 €10.19
Metal lamp holder - Copper

This copper-plated metal lamp holder will bring elegance and modernity to your pendant light.

€6.90 €5.45
Metal ceiling rose - Copper

Camouflage the wires of your pendant light, thanks to this metal ceiling rose.

€12.90 €10.19
Titanium metal lamp holder

This titanium metal lamp holder will bring modernity and elegance to your pendant light.

€7.49 €5.92
Universal wall attachment for fabric cable - black

The essential accessory to secure fabric-covered electrical cables to the wall or ceiling.

€12.99 €10.26
Foot-operated single-throw switch - Black
No more bending down to turn off your light.