Atelier de la lampe

MyChacon chandelier accessories let you create your own custom lights to match your interior decor:

  • Start by choosing a ceiling rose that will hide your lamp's connections: its finish can be plastic, concrete, copper, or another metallic finish, with many different shapes to suit your taste;
  • Next, choose your lamp holder, in the same finish as your ceiling rose, or with a completely different look for a unique combination;
  • Choose the fabric cable to match your curtains, sofas, or other soft furnishings;
  • Finally, top it off with additional accessories such as a pulley or additional hooks if the power infeed is off-centre with respect to your light fitting, for example.

1- The ceiling rose is installed directly on your wall or ceiling.

The days of using plastic bowls to hide the cable infeeds are over! Now, MyChacon offers you several models to embellish your custom light fitting.

Choose from different materials to match your personalised light fitting to your interior decor: metal, copper, concrete, or even wood..
And according to the size of your room and the desired lighting, choose the type of ceiling rose with one, three, or five outputs.

2- Choose your bulb holder

For many years, unattractive bulb holders were hidden behind a lampshade that blocked quite a lot of the light.
Today, you can combine simplicity, style and elegance with brightness, with a MyChacon lighting system.

Choose your bulb holder from our many models for direct lighting and total harmony between your lighting and your interior decor, from the material (concrete, wood, silicone, copper, metal, ceramic, etc.) to the colour (white, pink, grey, turquoise, pink, etc.) to the type of socket (E14, E27).

3- Choose your cable

So now you have your ceiling rose and your bulb holder; all you need now is to choose the cable that will connect them.

Thanks to the wide range of colours and materials for MyChacon fabric cables, you can easily match your personalised light fitting to your curtains, sofas, paint colours, or other interior fittings.

Are you looking for a standing lamp instead of a ceiling-mounted one?
No problem! MyChacon can also provide cables with a plug and switch, to personalise your custom lamps.