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Twisted fabric cord with switch 2 m - Gold

Switch your pendant light on and off easily with the integrated switch.

Black cable - 2 m

Revive your electronic devices by changing their damaged cords

E27 silicone lamp holder

Give your interior a modern and elegant style...

Fabric cable 3 m - Red

Add a vintage and colourful touch to your custom pendant lights.

Textile two-tone cable 3 m - Black/White

Add a touch of originality to your custom hanging light system with this two-tone black and white cable.

Offset kit - White

Impress your guests with unique and original pendant lamps.

Cable - Grey - 1.5 m
Thanks to our power supply leads and cables, give your electrical appliances and lights a second lease of life.
White cable - 1.5 m

Give your appliance a second lease of life by replacing its power cord.

Two-tone fabric cable with switch, 2 m - Red/White

Add a touch of originality to your hanging lamp with this two-tone fabric cable with switch.

Titanium metal ceiling rose

Personalise your lighting with these metal ceiling roses!

Fabric cable - 3 m - Red/White

Bring originality to your pendant light fixtures with a two-tone fabric cable.

Metal ceiling rose - White

Thanks to this metal ceiling rose, hide the wires of your pendant light.

Fabric cable with switch 2 m - Brown

Add a vintage touch to your pendant light, while remaining elegant thanks to this textile cord with switch.

Ceiling rose - concrete

Add elegance to your trim, hiding the wires that protrude from your pendant light, thanks to this concrete ceiling rose.

Grey fabric cable 3 m

Create a suspension with a clean and understated design thanks to this grey textile cable.

Silicone lamp holder - Peacock blue

Dress your pendant light with brightly coloured silicone lamp holders.

Ceiling rose - wood

Add elegance to your light fixtures with this wooden ceiling rose.

Black offset kit

Make your pendant lamps original and unique.

V-hook offset kit - White (2 pcs)

Create an original pendant light, straight out of your imagination, with this offset kit.