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Black cable - 3 m

Quickly change the damaged cord on your device.

Universal wall attachment for fabric cable - black

The essential accessory to secure fabric-covered electrical cables to the wall or ceiling.

Fabric cable + switch, 2 m - Red

Add a touch of colour to your custom suspensions with this red fabric cable.

Two-tone fabric cable with switch, 2 m - Red/White

Add a touch of originality to your hanging lamp with this two-tone fabric cable with switch.

Silk fabric cable - 3 m - Brown sparkle

Brown glitter, a touch of madness and modernity, the perfect combination for an elegant textile cable.

E27 ceramic lamp holder

Create your own lamp with this ceramic lamp holder and its elegant, vintage design!

V-hook offset kit - White (2 pcs)

Create an original pendant light, straight out of your imagination, with this offset kit.

Ceramic lamp holder - Grey

An original lamp holder to enhance your lighting.

Black offset kit

Make your pendant lamps original and unique.

Fabric cable 3 m - Red

Add a vintage and colourful touch to your custom pendant lights.

Titanium metal ceiling rose

Personalise your lighting with these metal ceiling roses!

Twisted fabric cord with switch 2 m - Gold

Switch your pendant light on and off easily with the integrated switch.

Metal ceiling rose - black

Hide your suspension wires with this black metal ceiling rose.

Fabric cords with switch 2 m - Grey

Add a touch of originality to your hanging light with this fabric cord with switch.

Ceramic lamp holder - White

Create an original pendant lamp with a ceramic lamp holder with an elegant, vintage design.

White lead with switch - 2 m

Give your old devices a second chance by changing their old cord.

E27 wooden and metal lamp holder

Mix materials and give your pendant lights a modern touch.

Offset kit - White

Impress your guests with unique and original pendant lamps.